Tuesday, June 10

Dawn and raincoats and pony hoof shoes and petty cash and photobooths and sunshine and Jack the Ripper and flat vowels and blue eyes and council estates and fortune tellers and bridges and yacht rock and brothers and decisive kissing and pain killers and hot metal pendants and daytime lapdances and big hair and suicides and hives and thinking about kissing and time travel and drawing and dawn.

Wednesday, May 28

(Probably early autumn 1945, left at Vic Sq.)

Darling L
I had meant to write a note & now I am between the lunch and the coffee so can't. Sauce was spoilt, Hailsberry tart was good. I kissed you in the kitchen.
Love T.

From, Love Letters
By Leonard Woolf & Trekkie Richie-Parsons
1941 - 1968
Edited by Judith Adamson

Friday, April 18

Most useful for meticulous reproductions of
heavy metal album covers,
eight ten year old fingers gripping
melon-scented pencil, hearts Goat of Mendes, ravens, fire.
Pulling bubblegum from my hair, pulling
heads from your blue roses, poking                                                       
holes in your sugar bags
for which, Mother, I apologise.

Saturday, March 29

  • I've been making these lists forever
  • Preparing to say goodbye to the ghost house
  • She's always the victim, never the bride
  • Tea Dance
  • The tramp's weed
  • Slowness
  • Unpacking My Library / Mr Wilson's Cabinet Of Wonder
  • The observer has been baking in the sun and now resembles a crispy yellow document from our English past. 
  • Old news
  • Still life with red table, rock, padlock and dead beetle
  • Lose my number, you took all you needed
  • Johnnie's Cafe: 2506196500
  • Bachelorettedom

Friday, March 28

My favourite outtake from the shoot for magazine Crash: The Utopia Issue.
Spring 14

Photography by Jessie Lily Adams
Styling by Kristina Golightly
Artwork by Nicky Peacock

  • Hs a gndise ss osel-imrtance (xaggrats ahievmet adtaes, epecs to b recgnied as suir without commensurate achievements)
  • Iprocuped wit fataies of unlitd suces, pow, brllince, ba, or ieal ove
  • eeves h h rhe is“pl”an nie a cannlybenertod b, or hulassoiatewith her speal ohighstatus pople (orinstiutons)
  • Requires excessive admiration
  • s a veystrongsens of eniteent, e.., unresonble expetaionsof especially favorable treatment or auomtic cmplancewith hi r her epecations
  • Is xplitative o others, e.g.,takes advatage of oters to achev h or er ownends
  • cks epathy e.g. isnwilling to rgnize or ientfy wth the feelngs and needs of others
  • Isoten enios o others or eieves hat others re enviou of him r hr
  • egularly shos arranthagty behavirs o

Saturday, March 22

20th December 2005

i've just been in bed. 50 minutes at gas mark 3. 
it was strange in bed. there was a car alarm 
going off outside. and david copperfield on the radio. 
but now i have returned and i wear a jumper.
you understand my feelings better than i do.

you must follow your heart. it's all about love after all. such a simple thing. but it's hard to see its ghostly form.

What he wrote, when he wrote.

Sunday, March 9

It is true that I have my young king who genuinely adores me. You cannot form an idea of our relations. I recall one of the dreams of my youth. I once dreamed that Shakespeare was alive: that I really saw and spoke to him: I can never forget the impression that dream made on me. 

Then I would have wished to see Beethoven, though he was already dead. Something of the same kind must pass in the mind of this lovable man when with me. He says he can hardly believe that he really possesses me. None can read without astonishment, without enchantment, the letters he writes to me. 

Richard Wagner to Mme Eliza Wille
15th May, 1865


L = 5
O = 2
V = 0
E = 4
S = 0

5 + 2 + 0 + 4 + 0
7 + 2 + 4 + 0
9 + 6 + 4
1 + 5 + 1 + 0
6 + 6 + 1
1 + 2 + 7


Wednesday, February 26

my molly dolly

  1. go out and have fun. pretend you're a spy. 
  2. i loved waking up to yr singing..that was fun. 
  3. i came home and went straight to bed like a good girl who had to get up early for the seaside.
  4. i just had a dream about this boy we know. 
  5. i'm your secret book. cool. i like that. i'm good at being a secret person. that's my forte.
  6. so the goth market was ok. thank goodness. no white-faced agro.
  7. maybe he will be ill. or have an 'accident'.

Little Moribund

Charm School

christy and molly

You're not a scruffy council estate kid to me, yr the bees knees.

Sunday, February 23

The song I want to live in until at least June

It's totally tragic so I think it might be yr cup of tea.
We are lament lovers.

Saturday, February 15

Death eats peanut butter from a spoon and then falls in love with the girl whose eyes close slowly like that doll Tiny Tears.

Monday, February 10

Letters from a wicker basket.

  • Dressed up like a shilling dinner
  • Hide & Seek at home
  • Inhabitants of Heartbreak Cottage succumbing to the mild curse
  • Burning mandarin peel
  • Widow Syndrome
  • Threepenny rabbit
  • Numb eyeballs
  • They replaced it with a paw

Wednesday, January 29

I've had a long lasting love affair with this illustration.

01 Fiend discovered and titles
02 Peter & Rosalind in attic
03 Rosalind's madness
04 Angel's Claw
05 Claw in classroom
06 Judge by fireside
07 Peter fights devil, severs hand
08 Judge drives off
09 Mark alone
10 Death of Mark
11 Angel naked
12 Angel's first curse
13 Angel's second curse
14 Return from the graveyard
15 Return from the graveyard
16 Kathy crowned
17 Children into church
18 Kathy's ceremony
19 Kathy's rape and death
20 Peter's ride
21 Ralph chops tree
22 Ralph saves Margaret
23 Margaret escapes
24 Ralph's wound
25 Ralph bewitched
26 Finale and credits
Letters from a wicker basket.

Letters from a wicker basket.

Tuesday, January 21

Wilderness Archive
July 13 Amherst, Massachusetts

The Sin Eater

In the County of Hereford was an old custom at funerals to hire poor people, who were to take upon them all the sins of the party deceased. One of them lived in a cottage on Ross-High way. (He was a long, lean, ugly, lamentable poor rascal.) The manner was that when the corpse was brought out of the house and laid on the bier, a loaf of bread was brought out, and delivered to the sin-eater over the corpse, as also a mazer-bowl of maple (Gossips bowl) full of beer, which he was to drink up, and sixpence in money, in consideration whereof he took upon him (ipso facto) all the sins of the defunct, and freed him (or her) from walking after they were dead.

Remaines (1686)

Wednesday, January 15

Yr going to get so much more than you bargained for.
Apparently, on September 12 2007, I planned to make fortune cookies.
I got as far as writing the fortunes but never got the flour out of the cupboard.

  • Your hair will look excellent next Friday.
  • An owl will steal a diamond ring - just for you!
  • You will meet someone very special and they will think you are the best.
  • Your soulmate will appear to you on Mastermind next week - so keep watching!
  • You will meet a very friendly kitten.
  • It will rain on your excellent hairstyle next weekend.
  • A narky witch will totally put a spell on you.
  • A loved one will reveal themself to be a zombie.
  • A cheeky magpie will steal all of your jewels.
  • You will break a tooth on a fruit salad chew during the next month.
  • A stuffed bird will show you the way.
  • You will never be afraid again.

Tuesday, January 14

Excerpt from my friend's life story.
He mailed it to me once, a long time ago.

"After wandering the streets for a while, I was eventually  caught shoplifting an "I love you" card for a girl who didn't love me and thrown into juvenile  hall for being a runaway, since I was only 16.
I stayed there for 13 days until an Aunt who lived nearby came and fished me out. This was the same woman that I had lost my virginity to when I was 13, but that’s another story. 
She asked me "If you could do anything  you wanted to right now, what would it be?" and I said
that I wanted to go get a tattoo. So  she drove me down to Long Beach and I got a tattoo of a skull and crossbones on my arm with the number 13 on it. She ended up helping  me out a little financially and I moved back down to Redondo Beach.."

Wilderness Archive

Long Island, NY
July 4th 2013