Saturday, August 2

folk notes:

  1. knit one, pearl one
  2. heavy bangles and handbag indigestion
  3. touching toes with the one who came home
  4. why do they all sing about australia?
  5. pitiless winds and outwitted melodians
  6. bagpuss voice and decieving maidens
  7. pale pink, holding hands with herself
  8. little birdy dying to sing
  9. scent (faint) of fish and tin
  10. his hawk and his hound and his lady fair-o
  11. my mouth is full of flowers


moxie said...

Hello Violet Seller,

I offer something called T spoke.
It's a gonzo T shirt wearing experience.
You have to be in it to wear it if you know what I mean.

I'm also looking for Boxie.


Captain Annie said...

I understand it's your birthday. Even if it's not true I posted a present for you. xo