Saturday, July 19

i just went for a walk to deliver something to someone i've never met.
it started raining heavily and the sun was massive and totally golden and i didn't have a coat or an umbrella so my fringe was dripping in my eyes. i got the wrong address first - i was tipsy from 2 double gin and tonics, did i mention that?
then i got the right house but it was surreal, suburban...i knocked on the door and a woman started shouting angrily at someone to get down - get out - whatever..
a little finger poked through the letterbox and a tiny girl voice said - please can you wait a minute? i said yes. the little girl looked at me through patterned glass - i waved at her and she waved back - the woman inside carried on shouting, really loudly..i was really tempted to leave and then the door opened. the unhappy looking woman told me whilst trying to rein in a sleek grey puppy, that no such girl lived there..on the way home it rained more and whilst i was speaking on the phone to my friend who was unhappy and in a field in suffolk, a man shouted at me from a crack in a car window, he shouted - SEXY! but he shouted it so aggressively that i jumped.
everything is at sixes and sevens at the moment. the rain has stopped and i need a drink. i am alone and it's ok. i don't have knots in my stomach for the first time today.


cryinglambchop said...

x's and o's from brooklyn... shall I save them in a jar and send them?

sounds like they could come in handy these days

Cucho said...

My daddy told me always be strong son
Don't you ever cry
You find the pretty girls and then you love them
Then you say goodbye

Anonymous said...

i have been feeling impeded by dread lately. what to do what to do.