Thursday, April 3

i wonder what it is that i'm trying so hard to not think about?

a list of smoke and mirrors:

* biscuits and egg-snow
* fierce bitches and deletions (hanging up boas, 12 girls but only 11 pictures, no rose for you on the one to one etc. etc.
* sailor jerry and free hennessy
* her, having my eyes out with that shit
* quilted leather
* the going-to-sleep-dream of horseback riding
* fury at the children's noise
* what's in the fridge?
* pet land and all its pit falls
* myriad of problems with yr wife/husband
* old cat's milky eyes
* glowing box plus swivel seat
* lists of lists

i know that i'm tired of being earthbound; clutching an anchor under the covers, fingers too fat for a ring of silver, never visiting
and never telling you why

and last night's heart attack?
i'm so over that.



Captain Annie said...

I wish I could walk to your house

Captain Annie said...

so you know I could visit you