Tuesday, March 25

what's my status?

* nicky sees a frozen birdbath
* nicky feels she might die by means of an exploding boiler
* nicky is hiding
* nicky has spilled rum on a rather important document
* nicky is trying not to be eaten alive by it
* nicky wants to ride a horse with a veronica lake mane
* nicky dreams about punching you
* nicky at 11:03
* nicky likes american boy
* nicky has more books than hot dinners


dell said...

dell thinks this post is inspired...

Anonymous said...


do you remember wolf from fotolog 2003-2005? He is back!


It's good to see you okay and online.


problematic said...

My Status';

Sarah is a giant pipecleaner chicken

Sarah wishes she had paisley patterned wallpaper

Sarah wishes she was still camping

Sarah wishes she was on the South Pacific aboard The Love Boat

Sarah has her Bangs back!

Sarah has been given a notice to vacate and cant quite comprehend it...

Sarah wishes she was swaying with seven well dressed dwarfs in a mystical forest.



Sarah would still like you to come to the window, so she can read your palm.

L'enfant said...

Sounds like Nicky has got things in order....