Sunday, April 16

  • stop kicking my seat childie, or i'll throw you from the plane
  • take control, like now
  • H for Heather / C for Chris
  • rules of raw
  • bachelorette
  • boy turning into girl - glossy but downy lip, gold and silver handbag, soft cough
  • burnt offerings will be my favourite
  • clammyato
  • if yr happy and you know it clap yr hands
  • please plane don't tip
  • red rose tea just for me
  • bubble gum
  • things i forget
  • me (and my fuschia cheeks) and the silver fox in the hot tub
  • not the sleepy stuff!!
  • dreams of emus
  • how can only one week have passed?
  • rose/pomegranate/grey goose martinis


Anonymous said...

i think i saw you inna ice cream parlor
drinking milkshakes cold and long
smiling and waving
and looking so fine
dont think you knew you were in this song

cryingboy said...

your words like worms for baby birds