Wednesday, April 5

dear dragonwind,

i hope you are well and enjoying the warmness of this morning.

two nights ago i heard you fighting outside my bedroom window, i've been worried about you ever since. i hope you will drop by my garden sometime soon so that i can see you and know that you escaped unscathed.
once again i felt a strong urge to rush to yr defence but i know you would not have appreciated it so i stayed in bed. it wasn't easy to lie there and listen to yr wowling and hissing.
i hope yr sparring partner wasn't charity from across the street because he is a seasoned warrior and rather a large beast. he means well but he's temperamental and once hit me in the leg because i stopped stroking him.
his punch drew blood through denim.

please take care of yrself and come around any time yr hungry or need a cushion to sleep on.

yrs faithfully,
nicky peacock

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