Wednesday, April 19

more notes from plane:

  • more endless than that
  • pen i chose as dry as bird seed
  • pen comes to life after 8 hours of being in the air
  • 854 mph doesn't seem good to me
  • there is a chocolate smell in the cabin

i hallucinated that i saw myself about an hour from landing.

i was staring into space listening to a seattle teen talk about her sister's fussy eating habits and i tuned out my eyes and my brain and there i was. i was midway down the cabin talking to another lady. i almost screamed. i might have...but silently. i was taller and slightly older than i see myself in the mirror but it seemed to be me. i stared at her. and then, she stared back. i was unable to move or speak at this point. i wondered if she was as shocked to see me as i was to see her. i was genuinely scared that it was actually me. it was my 17th hour of daylight and i figured anything was possible at that point.

once, in a shop in york, i saw myself as i turned a corner and i screamed - out loud - and then i realised that i was looking in a large mirror. seems implausible, i know, but it's true.

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