Wednesday, April 26

3:30 am

  1. i couldn't stay awake and now i can't sleep
  2. watch still set to another time (7:30pm)
  3. obsessively eating bubble gum
  4. want to draw and write but can't
  5. nexttopmodelnexttopmodelnexttopmodelnexttopmodel
  6. ate the big fuck off toffee apple and it's still scaring me
  7. at least i unpacked
  8. i know i'd be doing something lovely now
  9. everyone is asleep
  10. i wish i owned a shop
  11. origami paper/cloud post-its/ cream cheese fudge/
  12. unsmashed fortune cookies (not in chinese)
  13. gone all funny
  14. a giant vase of freesias from my mother
  15. has a whole day passed?
  16. notes about cat-sitting
  17. fat lip
  18. lapins
  19. where now?
  20. 3:37am pop pop 7:37pm pop

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