Saturday, February 11

in the first dream, the snake was pea green and had the head of a friendly crocodile. it was disguised by the busy carpet and a friend stood on it.
i went to investigate.
it bit me twice and the venom made my arm throb. i was holding the snake whilst trying to research it. it was difficult because i can't type with only my left arm.

in the second dream the snake was again, small but dangerous. i saw in in the grass, it was twilight. it moved out on to a dirt track and opened it's jaws wide. it spat out a small white dog which suddenly came to life.
i took a photograph of it.

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Anonymous said...

as i was booking my ticket to go home for the holidays, the old online register bore the emergency contact of mister g c and his mobile number. i smiled to myself and left it there to be surprised again in the future.... cc