Saturday, February 11

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 drawers

yellow drawer -

small mirrors
pot of gold stars
earring parts
small green bird feather

brown drawer -

godzilla watch
flowered tape
£2 coins
red velvet purse
tiny blue shoe earring
green wooden brooch
miffy mirror
mystery keys
gold safety pin
1980's brambly hedge address book

red drawer -

orange lace purse
minty tic-tacs
pom-pom brooch
butterflies made from feather and wood
plastic doll house chair
a LOVE keyring
wooden flower stamp
mermaid cocktail stirrer
glass fruit/animal cocktail stirrers
old photographs of me
a rubber skull
the tiniest pencil in the w.o.r.l.d
clear plastic dice
tiny green doll comb
stick of white chalk
watch face with a girl's photo in it
heart made of lead
model railway figure of a lady holding a bunch of flowers
small victorian mirror
2 plastic beatles figures (george and paul?)

green drawer -

bits of paper with writing on
brown resin cherub
everest team first class stamps
plastic heart from snowpony
heart-shaped punch
ring size guide
another victorian mirror
pack of animal snap cards
film pot
herbal cigarettes
fake lily-of-the-valley
some white silky material i was using to dress my dolls up as ghosts

orange drawer -

lots of rolls of flowered and spotty tape
packet of ridiculously long fake fingernails
a little letter from tom metal k

beige drawer -

band flyer
sample of wallpaper
strawberry shortcake's shoes
six beaded pearl bracelets
one diamond earring
3 polly pockets
a drawing of a devil in a blackberry bush
box of matches
changeling fairy tale written on lilac victoria plum notepaper
hand wipe from box of takeaway sushi
frodo brooch
badge of korean heart throb bae yong joon
rufus ticket
vivienne westwood exhibition ticket
letter from jimmyjames


billinghamforehead said...

an assortment to savour

Anonymous said...

jimmy james jr.?

neene said...

can we see ALL the drawers???

i would leave a comment on the yellow drawer pic
but blogger gets screwy and won't let me

the lists are such a tease
for someone who loves "collections" like me