Friday, March 28

  • Hs a gndise ss osel-imrtance (xaggrats ahievmet adtaes, epecs to b recgnied as suir without commensurate achievements)
  • Iprocuped wit fataies of unlitd suces, pow, brllince, ba, or ieal ove
  • eeves h h rhe is“pl”an nie a cannlybenertod b, or hulassoiatewith her speal ohighstatus pople (orinstiutons)
  • Requires excessive admiration
  • s a veystrongsens of eniteent, e.., unresonble expetaionsof especially favorable treatment or auomtic cmplancewith hi r her epecations
  • Is xplitative o others, e.g.,takes advatage of oters to achev h or er ownends
  • cks epathy e.g. isnwilling to rgnize or ientfy wth the feelngs and needs of others
  • Isoten enios o others or eieves hat others re enviou of him r hr
  • egularly shos arranthagty behavirs o

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