Wednesday, January 15

Apparently, on September 12 2007, I planned to make fortune cookies.
I got as far as writing the fortunes but never got the flour out of the cupboard.

  • Your hair will look excellent next Friday.
  • An owl will steal a diamond ring - just for you!
  • You will meet someone very special and they will think you are the best.
  • Your soulmate will appear to you on Mastermind next week - so keep watching!
  • You will meet a very friendly kitten.
  • It will rain on your excellent hairstyle next weekend.
  • A narky witch will totally put a spell on you.
  • A loved one will reveal themself to be a zombie.
  • A cheeky magpie will steal all of your jewels.
  • You will break a tooth on a fruit salad chew during the next month.
  • A stuffed bird will show you the way.
  • You will never be afraid again.

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