Thursday, June 14

Santorini Notes:
  • I jump every time the village bell rings. One jump an hour
  • Smashed to bits outside Villa Romantic
  • The man at the bus station had a carrier bag that said 'DARK FASHION' on it
  • Tantrums in hot cars
  • Cafe kitten
  • I live in a hobbit hole
  • I dream of  mountains now, not streets
  • Greek radio stations like remixes by Amy Winehouse and Adele
  • Brown arms and lilac legs
  • Yesterday, a German boy served me rose honey in a Japanese themed garden
  • The humidity comes at sundown. It descends over the village like a mad, low fog. It makes my mother cough like a Victorian with the vapours
  • Black dog on adjoining terrace gives me death-stares. I chastised him today and he shut right up.


Sally said...

so beautiful!

claire said...

so oneiric, I'm transported to your world... <3