Friday, December 30

Hello friends, A couple of years ago I recorded 2 songs with Detective Instinct - I was so nervous of singing in front of anyone, I made Oli stand in the garden and put earphones in. Now I'm not so scared and the spoils of our fun have been released on a beautiful limited edition vinyl LP. I'm very happy to say that I also contributed artwork for the front and back covers and a charming insert. 
The album also features vocals by Jad Fair (Half Japanese), Trumans Water, Radar Brothers, GW Sok (The Ex) amongst others. The LP is on US label Third Uncle Records and is available to buy from Ack! Ack! Ack! Records in Middlesbrough priced at £11.99. 
If you are in the US and interested in purchasing one then please buy through Third Uncle Records: If you feel like supporting us I would be extremely grateful...if it sells well..we might get to make another one!!


Gracie said...

Sweet story about the earphones. Where can I try before I buy? :)

nicky peacock said...

hi gracie, you can listen here: