Saturday, May 14

Notes from a strange morning:

* Awoke from a dream in which I travelled to Germany with my mother / we carried two gerbils on the plane in muesli jars / upon arrival we realised that one gerbil was missing and the other had no bedding and was sitting all forlorn at the bottom of the jar / visited a bar to ask about pet shops and two huge drunken men were wrestling each other / later I met a child with a mohican who looked exactly like a baby version of Blixa Bargeld but whose skin was covered in little red scabs /

* In real life / a friend visited and awoke me from the dream / I hadn't seen him for over a year / I gave him a very belated christmas present - a vintage Scandanavian christmas elf made from wire and fabric / he showed me a photo on his phone that had been sent to him by a former chart topping punk star - the photo showed the man dressed in a Nazi uniform / we ate pecan pastries and sat in the garden in the rain / discussed plans to visit and photograph derelict mansions in the region, including a somewhat dangerously decrepit Victorian sanatorium /

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Anonymous said...

i write about my dreams like this too