Tuesday, April 5

Love Letter, Love Letter

Who and what do you love?
And how are you choosing to show and tell them?

This question was presented to a film maker from LA, a nanny from New York, an art teacher from Darlington and a legendary bass guitarist from San Pedro, California.

In total, 29 people were asked to undertake this creative assignment:

The assignment is a simple one: Create a love letter.

You may use any methods you like: it may be drawn, photographed, filmed, sung, spoken, written, sculpted or assembled.

It can be dedicated to anyone or anything: a person, a pet, a city - something or someone that you feel a deep connection to.

It could also be a reinterpretation of an existing love letter -
a historical one or maybe one that your grandmother sent to your grandfather a long time ago - as long as the original intention is clear.

It can be a huge declaration or a tiny note, depending on how busy your schedule is and how deeply you are swooning.

Featuring works by: Alex Behr, Blossom Berkofsky, Fanny Bostrom Gentle, Dan Estabrook, Jad Fair, Christy Claire Katien, Susan Kuester, Maximilla Lukacs, Suzy Mangion, Heather Maxwell Hall, Hannah Metz, Tabitha Kyoko Moses, Angeliska Polacheck, Carol Sommer, Patrick Staff, Dell Stewart, The Grete Bloch, Mike Watt & more.

This unique art show curated by Nicky Peacock & Steven Philip Brown, lets us share in the private lives and loves of some very interesting people.

Love Letter, Love Letter, the book is available to buy from nickypeacock@gmail.com Limited to 300 copies, the book comes with free DVD of all films and songs included in the show.
UK first class £2.00
Europe £3.50
Rest of world £5.00

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