Saturday, January 8

A by no means comprehensive list of things I found whilst clearing out the little bedroom:

  1. Gaudily embellished smock top bought from Camden Market in 1985
  2. A build-your-own-hut set with a farmer inside
  3. Several enamelled items
  4. Bell jar
  5. Print of Inspector Lewis wearing a giant rat's head
  6. A doll inside a perfume bottle/doll inside a letterbox
  7. California Poppy scent
  8. Brown ink
  9. Plastic TV with images of Lourdes inside
  10. Tiny beanbag rabbit with human face inside a matchbox
  11. Piece of solder
  12. Large stash of Post-It's
  13. The world's most hideous mug in presentation box
  14. Original Mary Quant eye crayons
  15. My baby hairslides
  16. 2 white Rococo picture frames that resemble cake icing
  17. Various bags and boxes of doll parts (lots of heads/arms/legs/only one torso)
  18. Signed photograph of Tara from Buffy
  19. Notes from a tribunal
  20. Miniature trees

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Captain Annie said...

I'd call it a win. I'll take it!
besos from ~ * T E X A S * ~