Sunday, September 20

  • mistress/monstress
  • lemon ice (rose shaped)
  • tearing edward to pieces
  • lets go to bed
  • all that and for nothing
  • no letter from the kestrel keeper
  • once i saw you with a tarantula, now you are drunk on the steps
  • some sundays i stray
  • me and you in black and white
  • i had a dolly/i ruined its face by licking it
  • fatten up the pussycat
  • bruges/ghent
  • glass snail and china fox
  • 127/129 borough road
  • i dreamed you were a baby and not a very happy one


Anonymous said...

By far my favorite blog. Beautiful and haunting. You've chosen the absolute perfect name for your blog. I periodically check in and am always, without fail enamored by your beautiful point of view and artistic wit. Words fall short. Keep doing what you're doing girl.

nicky peacock said...

so very kind. many thanks.