Thursday, July 23

this is gorgeous


Joey's Dream Garden said...

Hiya Nicky! Yes, it's me, Joey Ramone!! hahaha! :D I'd been telling a newish friend about Milky Wimpshake at the pub this evening and promised to send her links to stuff and saw Pete's pic and thought, oh that's a nice picture... my goodness I never imagined it had been taken by a member of Golden Starlet!! Oh my goodness! :D that's bloody YEARS ago!! Wow, I need to have a good ol' read of your blogs, they look right posh! did I see that Catherine lives in Sheffield now or did I imagine that? I live in Sheffield now but I don't think i've seen her... it's only a little village you know... ;-)
Fantastic to hear from you!! What a super blast from t' past!! :D
I'm on flickr as you know, send me a message if you wish my dear! :D

Take care!
Joey xxx

MeganRose said...

You have such an inspiring and beautiful blog. <3