Wednesday, June 10

  • the bus with no sound
  • (lots of) blood on the snow
  • the girl from the television
  • he told me everyone in the chemist's was dying from drinking the drink
  • inept blood bringer/father figure
  • smug in three piece
  • skinny jeans arabesque
  • my name is virginia fur
  • lightning bolts in my chest
  • notes from a forest in 1969
  • from the desk of sir merrylegs
  • half a cup
  • may i come in?
  • mother-of-pearl?
  • i told a boy to shut up today
  • kiss me on the mouth please


seachell said...

i very much like these posts.
i'm not completely sure what they mean or if they mean anything or if they are meaning itself, but they are very nice.
thank you.

vanessa said...

ohhhh let the right one in :]

i stumbled across your wonderful blog a while ago and now check back every so often and treasure each mysterious lovely post. keep doing what you do.