Saturday, January 31

last year, the lovely Tara Sinn wrote to me saying...

please finish this sentence for me:

"when i think of horses..."

this was my reply:

when i think of horses i think of them at twilight.
i'm riding a black mare and we are friends, she can read my mind and she knows that this is my favourite time of day.
i ride bareback and sometimes i just lay down while she walks slowly around the meadow in the half light.
when i think of horses i think of them in lemon sunlight which is so bright i have to look through my eyelashes. i am riding a white mare and it's 1971 and my hair is very long and so is my maxi dress and it's muddy from the fields.
Her mane is long long long, almost touching the ground.
We gallop and i can hardly breathe and i can see the ocean in the distance and the gold evening light is just like that scene in 'play misty for me' when clint eastwood seduces donna mills.

nicky peacock, england.

from tara's zine 'horse girls'


heavy puff said...

this reminds me I still have to get the horsie zine! also a while ago you said you were going to escape to the moors, I forgot to tell you im coming with you! jumping over jane eyre passed out and making daisy chains with mary lennox etc. wonderful escapes.

Nyx said...

I can see you. Ca me parle tellement! toute cette description est visuellement riche pour mes yeux avides! j'adore!