Wednesday, October 15

Thursday 18th November 1943
Monk's House

My Dearest of creatures, It was wretched having to leave you. But I am sure you will be alright if you stay in bed for the week. And lie like a log. You are too full of life for a patient. So don't sit up in bed like a Jack-in-the-box whenever you think of something - which is what you do.
Otherwise you are a perfect patient.
The bitch is being sent direct from Scotland with her name on the label.
She will probably not arrive until Sat.
I can just catch the post, but I felt I must tell you that I love you though I think you know it & that it is a twilight world without you.


Love Letters
Leonard Woolf & Trekkie Ritchie Parsons
1941 - 1968


longcat said...

joyous and lovely blog you've got there SBJ,

i often forget you, but then i gorge myself on you...

you've got a kind of thomas bernard about you i think x

A Googler said...

Elsewhere on this day in history: 444 British bombers attack Berlin.