Sunday, October 19

Friday 21st January 1944
Monk's House

Darling Tiger,
I am slightly excited & at the same time apprehensive of your saying that I'm once again wrong or foolish or both. I went into Lewes this morning to buy some horsemeat for Merle, but what I actually bought was a Rembrandt etching for you. It is No. 27 in the enclosed catalogue. I sneaked in at the back of Miller's and found no one there at all. So I broke into the gallery and had it all to myself for half an hour. I was just congratulating myself on being able to get away without seeing anyone when the two sisters caught me. I was fascinated by No. 27 & when I found that it could be bought could not resist the pleasure of seeing it on your wall. You've put so many beautiful things on my walls that you must let me put one on yours. That is if you think as I do about it - I do hope you do. The show ends tomorrow - isn't it a nuisance? I should have liked you to see it.

I do hope you won't be very tired by all your visitors. I love you dearest, more than ever.

Your L.

Love Letters
Leonard Woolf & Trekkie Ritchie Parsons
1941 - 1968

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