Monday, April 21

i lost the brooch that everybody loved.
it was pinned to my black coat.
it was a pink brooch, made of pink silk and shaped like a large flower.
it had burnt edges which made the petals curl.
it was the best thing about me.
everywhere i went, everyone i spoke to,
commented on the loveliness of that brooch.
i told friends that it was lost,
they miss it already.
it was the best thing about me.


ant said...

that brooch was so NOT the best thing about you. x

cilla said...

the BEST thing about you? impossible.
lies annnnnnd shows, my dear!

where does one even start with the bestest thing about a girl like you?

stringbeanjean said...

just when i was in doubt as to the bestness..i FOUND the brooch!
and yes.
totally the best thing.