Monday, October 22

notes from travelling:

  • i got to a place in the country where everyone calls everyone 'love'.
  • her fluffy pink gloves were unneccessary. she looked like she was missing the rest of a pig costume.
  • longing to be beautiful; curled up small under train window, night scenes passing; ruffled, flushed cheeks, wearing a soft knitted hat.
  • sufjan stevens/strawberry chocolate/ham, greve, mustard
  • gloves continued: ridiculous affectation, impractical for both eating jelly babies and untangling i-pod.
  • it just seems so sad in this light. like rushing to complete yr homework when in fact you left school twenty two years ago.
  • i think they're sisters. it's like little women with chunky knits and styrofoam coffee cups.
  • all the way from sheffield to darlington it felt and sounded like the train was derailing. it put me in mind of italian air travel.


lambchop said...

ham, grief, mustard?

Johann Carlisle said...

I grew up in a part of the country where everyone calls everyone 'my lover'

Johann Carlisle said...

Thanks you. :)

Pretty close--I'd say it's pronounced "meyy luvrr".