Wednesday, September 5

  • i love jess, the telepathic twin
  • one can't be weeping over schubert all of the time
  • and the days grow short
  • slim in berlin
  • squealing for a living
  • imagining that mr giles works there
  • colossal youth
  • sleeping outside the chatty cathy caravan
  • yellow pen reveals
  • miniature cat's smaller brother
  • robert
  • vouchers stay vouchers
  • yesterday i rediscovered a freckle
  • big fat dahlias under the sea
  • you don't have to be a music lover to be moved by jungle drums
  • medicine is the best medicine
  • stravinsky's symphony of song armwrestling carl orff''s carmina burana


h said...

oh mr giles...

Anonymous said...

Go Stravinsky!!
Why can't I find Lula mag anymore? :(

Anonymous said...

Well I might have to order it, as it seems to have stopped being carried here in Canada :(