Thursday, August 30

last night i had 3 dreams.

one: i was in the street and my ex-lover was laid upon my back,
this made my mother furious but i quite liked it.

two: my father was alive again, he had been dead but was now back and dropping his tobacco all over the kitchen as though it were breadcrumbs.
this annoyed me, even though i knew i should just have been happy he was alive. me being annoyed, annoyed my mother.

three: is lost to me for now.

my mother never gets annoyed with me in real life.

a few nights ago i had a good one.
all about christian bale.
he picked me up in his big manly* arms and swung me around
then he flew me places in his plane,
until it was stolen from my crime-ridden town.

poor christian.
one minute we were antique shopping and the next minute..
his plane was gone.

*i don't fancy christian bale.

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