Sunday, July 22


*he touched not only his (elaborate) hairstyle but the shadows of the raindrops on the windowsill (of the bus).

*when i finally get to town i am surprised by the number of people who appear to be talking to themselves.

*the bad news has given both you and i leopardskin.
i am not a bit surprised.

*i will forever associate the smell of disinfectant with brief scenes from the 1979 film scum because my mother was cleaning the kitchen as she sent me to bed.

*even though i was in pain and they were worried, we still had quite a good laugh about the fake doctor googling our symptoms at yesterday morning's hospital mini-drama.


*fuschia potted - £3.95
*salvia nem. caradonna - £6.99
*eccles-on-sea wait for me
*dear dragonwind
*by hand/do not post
*the tea towel that would be cushion cover
*everyone wants to see you's only natural
*ascot cunt
*darling, step on it will ya?
*tora, tora, tora
*i'll bring my bruised head over to yr place and we can mull it over
*one day i'll stop referring to you altogether and then i think, you'll cry
*non-stop begonias


damnitall said...

Oh! I miss Dragonwind...

Anonymous said...

Did u know that Salvinia Divinorum is related to Sage but is a Halucinogen?...but it turns to water in your body apparently instead of turning into bad things....

Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't know it was that bad...i thought it was one of the more tame ones..noted from the Bean!