Saturday, June 30

  • it's been a long time, i shouldn't have left you. without a strong rhyme to step to
  • gardens can prove to be upsetting
  • am i angry 'cos yr so rich or so interesting to me?
  • even yr wife sounds like me now
  • the melancholic downwards glance of tina modotti
  • dining out on the tale of my banana skin unconsciousness
  • happy birthday but yr brother is a creep
  • iron on mender mends nothing
  • drinkwater boulevard
  • all the stupid things you eat that just sound pretty
  • i didn't want you to tell them where i was and that's why i buried myself under a dog rose
  • in my mouth
  • you burned in the sun right before you drowned in the rain
  • congratulations - i won
  • jenny greenteeth
  • wizzards clipp
  • only a baby noisy ghost

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