Thursday, May 3

  • yesterday, whilst walking up the haunted street i was nipped in the head on my way to the dentist who painted a special bitter varnish on my sensitive tooth
  • i'm sorry that your cat is dying too, soon there will be nothing left
  • the sun is out but it is not ballet slipper weather
  • i saved an unwell butterfly from being stepped on; it's wings were like dying petals, all curled and heavy.
  • no pussy blues in the posh car - just for me
  • dried hair in the sun and jeans in the tumble dryer
  • soon it is your party and i hope you like yr pony
  • envious of yr baby? ( - that's so not me)
  • voting for the redhead
  • i don't need a little brother, thank you
  • are you not on the secret side?
  • we have decided...yr not going to like it...

1 comment:

problematic said...

"but she just didnt want too..."

excellent. albumn.