Sunday, May 20

this morning in the graveyard i saw a man, one of many walking his dog.
but this man was different, this man was clever.
and i was envious.
the man was surrounded by crows.
they swooped, flapped, hopped and squawked.
they dropped comically from tree branches and jumped about like excited children do in puddles of rain. they followed him all the way through the graveyard which was otherwise beautifully quiet and spotlit by morning sun through fat trees. of course, it became apparent that the gentleman was not a magician or a crow whisperer, he was merely feeding them.
why didn't i think of that!!
i adore crows.
i dream about them often; they nestle in my hair and walk up and down my arms, i find them hiding inside my coat and once had to rescue a pair from an unsavoury, badly lit east end nightclub.
i fantasise about one adopting me as it's friend. sharing my home and garden. sharing my dinner.
the clever graveyard man had obviously done this before. the crows seemed familliar with him and his little dog as he strolled along sprinkling a trail of the mixture on the ground behind him, hansel and gretel style.
next sunday, i thought, he'll have competition..