Thursday, May 24

dreams, the kind you have at night:

  • there is a show on tv about a teacher's first day on the job. the woman teaches jewellery and crafts to gifted 2-3 year olds. she falls in love with a co-worker, a chemistry teacher who wears a white lab coat. in the dream, i am at home watching the show (it's a good show). i am also the female teacher in the show.
  • i am at a 1930's art deco hotel with a group of people (including kate moss) and we are trying to check out. every time we try we are told we must provide an object (such as a piece of coal from newcastle and a rubber band) before we are allowed to leave. we also all have to leave together, kate disappears to go shopping which causes problems. finally we are all together but still unable to check out. this is when i have a revelation - i am actually dead - and this is why i am unable to check out, i'll never be able to check out because we are in some kind of purgatory! upon realising this i metamorphose into a big burly cowboy character. this was a happy dream, despite the fact that i was dead.
  • i smother a girlfriend to death. she pleads for me to stop but once i have started suffocating her under a sheet i realise if i stop i will be in big trouble. so i continue until she struggles no more. i consider how i will get rid of the body. i also change my mind and stop (things like this happen in dreams, don't they?) she comes out from under the sheet and i apologise. everyone hates me for this and i continue to apologise. i don't get arrested.

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molly said...

oh man, I TOTALLY have dreams like this. so glad to hear someone else does too.