Wednesday, April 18

  • rice pudding - in the oven/winter - not that far away
  • 7am is a funny funny joke hahaha
  • drunken tempura does not guarantee spelling proficency
  • more walks than ever before
  • big sunglasses a distant memory
  • find the bitch
  • stargazer poisoning (accidental)
  • you should have just shot yrself if you were that sad
  • read me
  • that little ghost bugs me
  • shorthand for goose
  • no more lamby lambs
  • are we really d e a d?
  • i saw the hearse from last weeks dream, this morning
  • my playful landlord
  • i l.u.v you too
  • he's in/he's out/he's in/he's out
  • feeling the need to tell you
  • sad - so blue nile and nick cave and richard hawley are fast forwarded
  • remember me?

1 comment:

damnlambchop said...

Oh dear sweet N! Han's here and just told me the sad news. We're sending love and warm thoughts from Brooklyn (can you feel 'em? They're the tickly ones on your shoulders!)

I'm too scared to think about losing my fuzzy kids, so I know it can't be easy. Bear up well, dearie.

much love,