Friday, February 16

i can't sleep.
i don't like it.
i used to be able to sleep.
i'm worrying about it.
so i definitely won't be able to sleep.

there are songs in my head that will not stop.
i'm serious, they never stop.
i mean, there it is - it's there now...
(it's awful! it's natasha bedingfield! i'm scared!)

they are there all day long but
they get worse when i go to bed.
i lie there, i try not to hear them, i end up tapping my foot - literally.

i visualise taking the needle off the record (because i am quite old so i think in vinyl) but it doesn't stop.

eventually i do fall asleep but the second i wake up...
there it is again.

it's not always songs i even like either. that's worse.
3 consecutive days and nights with 'invisible' by alison moyet almost drove me to the brink of midnight madness.

a few years back when i gave up smoking, i couldn't sleep a wink.
a song i liked was stuck in my head so badly that i ended up sitting in the bathroom in tears at 4am - it was on a loop and i couldn't make it stop.
and it was so loud!
(the little hooky melody in heartbeats by the knife in case you were wondering)

night night.


Anonymous said...

h said...

And you, kept us awake with wolf teeth
Sharing different heartbeats
In one night