Tuesday, January 23

  1. plunge/plunging
  2. what's so wrong with bones?
  3. saving bunny from rain, hail, snow
  4. things i love: the unpredictable pen/black as a night in the hills/on the moors
  5. naked as a lima bean
  6. new and getting lonely
  7. i even like her kabuki spectre look - i really do!
  8. what do you do and how do you do it?
  9. japan/italy/iceland/vegas/bavaria
  10. you can't escape my biology
  11. i am so inky
  12. day of the outlaw (1957)
  13. i ate yr christmas present - sorry
  14. cuir de russie
  15. carwash hair
  16. the painted desert/the petrified forest

1 comment:

cryingboy said...

what's the petrified forest so scared of, anyway?