Sunday, December 17

  1. well hello
  2. i hope you are j.o.k.i.n.g
  3. i've been in the woods tonight, looking for witchy twigs with which to make christmas
  4. demerara sugar rum
  5. cat in a box with a porthole
  6. lover of a non-lover sends me postcard = be my lover
  7. appealing the appeal
  8. remove bra by window
  9. those chocolate mints from when i was a kid
  10. obsessed by that pink box i bought you
  11. i ate yr christmas present, it's so funny
  12. and her partner
  13. seascape cast aside on a windowsill because of indecisiveness
  14. the silly food
  15. everybody wants to dance?
  16. having hildegard knef for lunch
  17. coming of sin (1977)
  18. clock and chandelier
  19. i don't write them like i used to
  20. having so much fun with you in the supermarket

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