Monday, December 4

today i sent myself a letter.
not really a letter, more of a contingency plan.
what to do in the event of abandonment.
i doubt if it will ever arrive because the postman pinches from me.
he has no sympathy for a crying girl with itchy eyes and a tissue drying on a radiator. and you would think someone would, wouldn't you?
i have been lost for an indefinable length of time.
and now, the end is near,
'cos the dog just ate my map.


luyi said...

You must have got this kind of compliment before but i still have to say: You're such an inspiration to me.

cryingboy said...

here's what not to do...

Anonymous said...

Oh no bean, that's not good. That's bad.
Come over and we'll have tea. It's good tea. It's a fruit one, with little pieces of fruit in it. And then I'll get to show off and use the Japanese tea set I have.
Abandonment is a myth, and is usually a case of someone doing you a big favour, ie. arranging fate so you can drink fruit tea and meet someone else's cat and dog.

h said...

i have a letter to post to you still. i hope the postman doesn't pinch that.