Thursday, November 2

things i did yesterday

hid an egg
cried on the phone
ate apple and sage flavoured crisps
trimmed my friend's eyebrows with nail scissors and a flea comb
missed the post
slept late
re-arranged the coat stand
broke the legs off a very tall doll and put her in the bin
kept one arm from aforementioned doll
made thai vegetables
bought september flowers
waved to my neighbour who was washing a face mask off in the kitchen sink


hell said...

i am quite intrigued about this egg... ps i love you in lula

cryingboy said...

I had a coffee
then I had a coffee
then I had a lunch
then another lunch
then a nap
then a coffee
then I wondered where the day went
and what to do with a drawer full of bent spoons

melt them?