Wednesday, November 15

pieces of the letters (that were not letters) that i needed to save before burning the letters (which were not letters):

part A.

  1. if i lived for a hundred years i would never run out of notepaper
  2. i can be a witch
  3. i'm learning to be better and nicer
  4. your lists are my favourite thing
  5. you will be my bernie taupin
  6. there was this incredible girl singing half a person
  7. oh i'd love to see the turkish karaoke
  8. talked about the winter olympics
  9. now and again he puts me on parole
  10. she's half german, half french and she looks exactly like bambi
  11. and i said i loved ski suits

part B.

  1. well, nicky, i should probably get to bed soon...time is out of control. what do you think about time?
  2. it *did* stop snowing!! did it stop raining there? does it rain every day?
  3. are you dreaming lately? i'm not...
  4. i would be walking along and just start to rise off the floor between the trees
  5. it was fun to just sit and stare at each other
  6. i don't want to know what the song was that made you cry, even though i really do
  7. i like that you haven't flown in 20 years
  8. i'll be back tonight
  9. are you feeling more lovable?
  10. facing the black sky

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