Thursday, November 23

last night

i had a dream..

the end of my garden; the ferns, pink hydrangea, bloody red fuschia, lilacky mallow and dark ivy, all surrounded by a low blue wall,
was suddenly, right next to my bed.

i was amazed to see a yellow hummingbird (and the whole scene was in japan at this point) and i watched as it moved around the flowers.
it was delightful.
then, i was outside in my garden and even thought the sun was out and the flowers were in bloom, it was winter.

then, i spied a gigantic moth. i was so very excited that i held out my hand for it to visit me. it crawled up my arm and came to rest on my back. it was so big and so heavy on my back that it looked like i had grown wings.
i was happy because i really love moths.

then i spied another variety of moth. this one had crab claw type pincers on it's head and was sleeping on the mallow trunk. it was just as huge as the one sleeping on me.

i was squealing and laughing and then i saw there were little sleeping dormice and tiny bats hanging from the hydrangea bush, like little fat fruits.

i like my new bed and my new bed likes me.

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