Wednesday, October 4

sit up straight
stop biting fingers

  • men - i can't take anymore of yr drilling and yr swearing in my street. i wanted radio 3 or 4 and you are radio 1 on full volume. worse actually, you are century radio on match day. i don't like you. go home to yr poor wives. (but please fix my water first)
  • stomach - stop hurting. i only gave you a cup of tea. there's no need to react like that. it was not butter or milk. you need to see someone about yr anger.
  • cats - i love you more than anything or anyone. maybe that's wrong but it's true. don't tell the others, they won't understand. would you like some little brown biscuits?
  • you - why does yr girlfriend irritate my skin? one more pout and i will cut it out. she does not bring out the poet in me. her long long legs will run her right off saltburn cliffs if my mind has the magical powers i believe it to have. i'd say goodbye now if i were you.
  • and you - you tiny traveller. i bury elves at the bottom of my garden so don't send me a postcard with details of yr whereabouts.
  • and you - wet paint, go out and leave me, hide upstairs, hide outside, make me watch the film alone, goodbye kisses are all i know anything about.
  • dragonwind - come back. i miss you and the alleys are not the same since you took yr majestic leafy tail away. i hope carnation cream and a cinders rug is yr fate. and if not, i don't wish to know.


Anya said...

hehe...I must tell you about the strangling motion I made to the construction worker that hit on me came out of nowhere and threw him and his buddies for a loop, he was completely shocked..heh...well what do you expect me to do? Giggle and say, "oh you..." where that came from.
My kitty last night came and sat on my clavicle...she only does it when she feels sorry for me though....

Anya said...

ok, your food fiasco, totally outdoes the strangling....

cryingboy said...

you are my hero. all over again.