Wednesday, September 20

this very morning:

  1. cooking apples as doorstop
  2. bach and the tenerife symphony orchestra
  3. raw ginger in blender/dose of zinc
  4. beetroot and blood and the removal of a fingerprint
  5. goblet and pear grain
  6. fresh eggs
  7. forbidden bag of wires
  8. no more fictitious flights to newquay
  9. remembering that i own a painting of stella mccartney's husband (it's in my shed) when he was a teenager, and how we all swooned when he came to my house for tea
  10. note about dean's claw hand print
  11. still-alive-lobelia
  12. shopping list: fountain pen, permanent marker, cake and flowers for lauren the muse, conditioner, walnut bread
  13. something else i can't remember

1 comment:

cryingboy said...

clowder of cats
clutter of cats
glaring of cats
pounce of cats
dout of cats
nuisance of cats
kendle of cats (kittens)
kindle of cats (kittens)
litter of cats (kittens)
destruction of cats (wild cats)