Saturday, September 9

omens, charms and recipes of yorkshire (1911)


* A dog howling under your window three nights in succession portends evil or death in the near future.

* A picture falling, if the glass be broken, speaks clearly of a death in the family at no very distant date; the glass being intact, implies that misfortune of some kind is hanging overhead, but possibly everything may come right in the end.

* A strange cat coming to your house, if black, should never be driven away; if you do so, you simply drive luck from your door.

* If you are unmarried, be very careful to keep in mind the fact that, having attended three funerals, you must at least be present during part of a wedding service before standing at the graveside of a fourth, or you will die single, unless you are exceedingly rash, and get married in spite of everything.

* If you tread on an ordinary road beetle, rain will presently fall.

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Johann Carlisle said...

The one about dying single is about the most complicated and involved superstition I've ever come across! I'm having trouble keeping track myself...