Thursday, September 7

  • gone long gone
  • return to yellow tomato soup
  • countdown to ghost-hunting (again)
  • sweet art bears
  • halcyon days of complaining
  • thanks wendy
  • wild boar plus polenta
  • naughty tigers
  • hiding ankles
  • no to glasgow
  • 'forest? no - no understand!'
  • packing and unpacking of trinkets
  • canopy of bedsheets waiting for the rain
  • 178
  • notes, notes, notes, but no start
  • new interest in the weather
  • quiet bloody nose
  • falling asleep in scottish cinema
  • first class on the sly
  • gather in the mushrooms
  • harvest of tomatoes/plums/apples (both kinds)
  • not jealous of yr kitchen
  • stone jugs
  • miss peacock (heart)
  • i want to sell it all!!

1 comment:

hell said...

i heart miss peacock too, and note notes notes is wonderful if it's anything like this...