Sunday, August 6

  • dr kawashima knows my score
  • please! don't limp!
  • how to pretend to haunt a house
  • it's peg dolls - now or never
  • discontinued
  • yr bridges are on fire - i can smell them
  • in my dream i wanted to drive to barnard castle but i was a non-driver. so i thought it best to not go so far. i decided upon south gare. i tried to buy an L plate but i could not. i tried to get a driver to accompany me in the car but i could not. i decided to go anyway. i took snacks for the journey, it was decided that 3 others would accompany me. oli was there. first when i tried to leave it was pitch black (suddenly). then it rained in a torrential fashion. finally when i walked to the car jangling my keys, the road i needed to drive up was enveloped in thick fog. also there was a sign, i said - what does this sign mean? and someone said it means if you drive on that road but don't stick to the right yr car will explode like in a video game.

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