Friday, August 18

actual news from my life

i can't stop chewing my lip and my friend's cat got half-eaten by a graveyard fox. he lives on, with much stitching and a plastic collar. i love him and not just because he looks like a tiny vampyre.

this evening i tried really hard and managed to not remove sultanas from my meal. what they were doing in there in the first place is a mystery to me.
i also ate the biggest oysters you have ever seen.
no pearls.

i couldn't find any shoes that were comfortable enough for the wedding so i bought some velvet slippers. they are quilted, like a chanel handbag.
i'm convinced that no-one will notice. they will assume that no-one is barmy enough to wear slippers to a wedding.
i mean..they're nice ones...marks and spencers...

i've made a business card, on which i claim to be a metal guitarist.
i'll show you sometime.

i don't have a sewing box.
i have a picnic basket.

can anyone lend me a typewriter, please?
i don't mind if it's a bit broken.


cryingboy said...

what do I get in trade for a typewriter?

SB said...

I have a few typewriters. some half broken some not. Let me know if you need one.

John said...

Would an old Sharp word processor do? It's the size of a typewriter and has a disc drive, but you may need to search the web for a ribbon.

stringbeanjean said...

thanks for all offers.
i found one.
it was grey and metal and belonged to a child.
it came, i typed, it's over.

i had to practically lick the ribbon though.