Tuesday, June 20

two nights ago i got no sleep.
none at all.
i just laid there watching the room glow turn from lilac to yellow.
there was no space in my mind to fall asleep.
because i was too busy thinking,
about things like...
this song
and this song
and this hat
and this place
and this fella

makes me tired just thinking about it.


cryingboy said...

oh I know this, and despise it... always wished I lived the Soporific & Narcoleptic, but I'm prone to the Anxious & Imaginative

hell said...

count me in your dreams miss bean! oneday someday... X

longcat said...

i can't sleep right now, i've got a cellist coming round in 5 & a half hours... insomnia... damn, corrosive thing x

elizalou said...

Yes he slinked and slunk right to my heart! See? I'm here even if you can't see me. This is my daily dose of bee pollen ...