Saturday, May 20

korean diary 2002:

le tigre day

i've got dried blood in my hair.
i cut my head on a cupboard. i bent down to stroke ozzy kitten and when i stood up - bang. the blood dripped down my face and spotted on the floor.
ozzy came back to investigate. i decided not to go to hospital.
that was the day before yesterday.

yesterday the woman from the haunted hairdressers phoned to ask if i could help her out by working for the day (i wonder if all the staff have been scared away?) but i told her i couldn't - because there was dried blood in my hair and i was not allowed to wash it in case i re-opened the wound.
plus i was a bit dizzy still.

today i went to the tip and threw lots of my belongings into giant skips.
i took strawberry shortcake's shoes off before tossing her high into the air.
i've put them in the china cabinet.
i regret not keeping her striped tights too.

gig tonight.

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