Tuesday, March 7

completely in love on weekend

hee hee...it's about me.
i found this through this and i translated it and it goes like this:

interests: enchantment

and suddenly everything fits:
[ ME haunt ] the Web log with the pieces of find and would list of stringbeanjean, the traitorous peacock entry -- then a new magazine, [ lula, girl OF my dreams ], with which half the "nylon" staff cooperate, photo-stretch and interviews with the lady, who played the childlike empress in "infinite history", and with the dipped darstellerin "grunge karohemden more outsidertochter of roseanne" and in this magazine one stretches with bilderraehmchen and stuff arrangements of a certain [ nicky peacock ]. ah! and that has nicky peacock [ 1984 made ]. and if it [ presents ] reads, then listed: buffy the vampire more slayer theme the knife - heartbeat sisqo, capleton and orange juice. lliered - on

Monday, 23 January 2006, 19:43 comment writes tarion. meant on 24 January, 18:04: ohhh, these would present-list. Those is to present here. But suddenly!!! lliered 19:35 answered on 24 January,: yes, was completely in love on weekend.

german is pretty
translating machines are f.u.n


lliered said...

ehem. i -- i hope you didn't mind? *nervous giggle*

stringbeanjean said...

hello! no, i didn't mind at all - i thought it was very nice to find something written about me. exciting! and i love translating machines. they throw up the most marvellously accidental phrases.

come back and visit any time, lliered.
i will make tea and bring cake.